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Just a Few Examples of Federal Grant and Loan Opportunities

Grants for Business

Do you want to say goodbye to your boss by starting your own business?  Do you already enjoy self-employment and just want to take your business to the next level by expanding?  Use this money for equipment financing, salaries, rent, office expenses, overhead and even to pay yourself a salary when starting your new business.  Our Complete Grant Resource Package will assist you in applying for Free Grant Money to reach your Business Goals! 

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Grants for Personal Use

Would you like to purchase a new home or make improvements to your current one?  Grants can help with paying your rent or mortgage payments.  Grants can also be used for car payments, groceries, childcare, general living expenses, academic tutoring, school supplies, clothing, legal services, debts, summer camp, music and art lessons, senior citizen programs, help with paying real estate taxes....the list goes on.  There is also money available to replace valuables lost in a fire or other type of natural disaster.

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Grants for Health Care

Free Grants can be used for numerous health care needs.  Money is available for medical insurance premiums, eye glasses, hearing aids, hearing disorders, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases, surgery, stroke, prescriptions, health supplies, mental and emotional disorders, alcohol and drug treatment, dental care, orthodontic work, eating disorders, learning disabilities, retardation, speech therapy, aid for disabled veterans, AIDS treatment and many more.


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Grants for Education

Government and Private Foundation Grants are given away everyday for college scholarships of all types.  There are scholarships in medicine, engineering, business management and many others.   Also available is funding for tutoring services, attendance to private, primary and secondary schools, graduate and undergraduate programs, foreign studies, professional studies and hundreds more!


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Federal Funding Sources  Complete Grant Resource Package:  

Gives you access to over 20,000 Grant sources. 

Describes the types of Grants and Loans offered.

Assists you with writing a complete Grant proposal.

Provides a step by step process for submitting your proposal.

Shows you where to submit your completed proposal.

Provides detailed contact information for each Grant you apply for.

The Package consists of a Grant Directory Guide explaining the entire process for obtaining Free Grant Money, as well hundreds of Government and Private Foundation Grant Programs.  Also included is Federal Funding Sources exclusive GRANTLINK Premium Grant Access Software, which contains online access to most types of Grant/Loan and Assistance Programs available.

Below is a partial list of Programs available in the package:

* Grants for Minorities
* Federal Grant Programs
* Federal Loan Programs
* Government Resources Directory
* Government Agencies Listings 
* Business Development 
* Expansion Grants
* SBA Links
* Business Counseling Services
* Women's Business Ownership Assistance
* Business Links by State
* State Government Grant Funding Programs
* Government Publications Links
* Venture Capital Resources
* Grants for Women
* Education Grant Resources
* Scholarships
* Financial Aid Resources
* Research and Training Grant programs
* Learning, Arts & Humanity Related Grants 
* Housing Grants and Assistance
* Rental Housing for Lower Income Families
* Health Care Grant Programs
* Veterans Medical Care Benefits
* Grants for Musicians
* Corporate Foundation Grant Information
* Private Foundation Grant Information
* Canadian Foundation Grant Information


Also in the Complete Grant Resource Package are other types of financial assistance.  There are no-interest and low-interest loans available. 

The Complete Grant Resource Package is a Must to Streamline the Grant Application Process.  All the Research Work Has Been Done for You. 

Just simply follow the process outlined in the package, and you will be miles ahead towards obtaining your share of free money or assistance.  Apply for as many Grants as you wish.  You can receive $30,000 for college and then apply for Grant Money to start a business.  When your business is doing well, you can apply for more money to expand your business.  Usually Grants range from $500 to $250,000.  Some have been awarded up to $5,000,000.



Personal Support is Included:

Assistance is available from one of our grant writing support team of experts. A NO COST, one on one, personal evaluation profile will be provided. You will be offered a streamlined, effective system to guide and navigate you through the entire grant application and funding process. You will not have to make the same mistakes many have already made. Our detail oriented, highly skilled, certified team of professionals is there to offer assistance for receiving grant money.


The Complete Grant Resource Package is 100% Money Back Guaranteed to 
Get You Free Federal Grant Money!

Take the First Step Towards a Better Future!

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